ADSL 101

What does ADSL stand for in a broadband sense?

Every user who wants to connect to adsl broadband will have to use the ADSL modem to do so. These modems are popular across the world because they are a very cost-effective solution. This new technology - ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is a type of DSL broadband internet connection technology that brings high-speed Internet access to homes using standard copper telephone lines. The ADSL connection, if used sensibly and effectively can help your business in scraping in vast profits in no time, as well as drive down costs, which affect the bottom line.

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How does ADSL broadband work? 

ADSL transmits its information in more channels above the baseband region of the frequency spectrum because it is a passband system. The 4 kHz baseband section which is released is used by standard voice transmission. The hardware must perform similar techniques to those employed by standard modems to transfer data at high rates over a relatively lossy medium. This involves a process known as quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) which sends "symbols" rather than individual bits. 

What are the alternatives to ADSL broadband?

The two alternatives to ADSL are cable and wireless. Unlike DSL, the cable isn't limited by distance. Its wires reach most regions, and the long distance doesn't weaken its signal strengths. The cable also lets users watch television and surf the Internet at the same time while wireless will most likely provide high-speed Internet over very long distances and it's accessible to large areas such as cities. 

What are the benefits of ADSL broadband?

The most influential factor regarding an ADSL connection is the speed of the broadband connection. A good quality ADSL connection can very well produce speeds of up to 4 MBPS, and this will be of great help in any online business services center.

The use of ADSL broadband also allows the company to use multiple Internet connections without issues, i.e., the use of several operators in a single network connection. At least 25 computers can be connected with one single connection.

With the help of ADSL broadband, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) connections will experience better-calling services with no interruptions; it will be crystal clear sound.

What type of broadband would be best for a business?

ADSL broadband connection is far more reliable than a wireless connection, with minor interruptions and flawless clarity. It is evident that an ADSL connection certainly helps your business in getting that extra boost or competitive edge. For those businesses that demand excellent upload speeds on their Internet connection opt for ADSL for your needs. Other alternatives provide only a fraction of the speeds available with bonded ADSL plus they are much more expensive.


ADSL is more commonly known as DSL and provides high-speed connection and transmission of voice, video to homes over copper telephone wires. To function correctly, it requires a specific DSL modem. No other connection is more suitable for a business other than ADSL service connection. It is cost efficient, practical to use, gives you the ability to do several tasks like reviewing financial activities while talking to a business associate over the phone.